You’ve spent many years building your business, so to crystallise its value and not earn the maximum reward possible would be nonsensical. Many business owners don’t realise they don’t necessarily have sell to a trade buyer. There is a range of other options available to you… 
Make a better-informed decision and achieve the best possible outcome for your objectives, personal aims and circumstance. Our first consideration at Knight is to understand what the driving force is for the business owner to sell, and even question if the decision could be premature. After all, maximum reward is the aim. 
When considering what the best option is for you, a Knight expert will first consider how much personal wealth is tied into the business. If the company has a good management team and is of desirable size, an alternative option available to you could be a management buyout. This entails a private equity investor working with the management team to acquire the business. 
Another consideration to keep in mind is that private equity investors are sometimes interested in acquiring minority shares of businesses. And in a scenario where several founders are split over a decision to remain, options exist of a partial exit to a trade buyer or negotiating a future guaranteed buyout. 
At Knight, we can uncover and help manage the most appropriate and profitable option for you, not limited to: 
· Trade sale 
· Partial trade sale 
· Private Equity backed Management Buy-Out 
· Debt backed Management Buy-Out 
· Private Equity backed Equity Release 
· Data backed Equity Release 
· Merger 
· Employee Ownership Trust 
Before committing to a specific transaction type, seek the advice of an experienced, trusted corporate financial adviser at Knight.